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Study skills course

A novel learning experience is being offered by Anne M. Courtney (Consulting Hypnotist) in the form of a workshop designed to maximise your learning potential using Self Hypnosis.  If you are anxious about studying, feel that you do not get the most out of the time you spend studying, or find it hard to even get down to the act of studying, maybe avoiding or putting off studying certain subjects, then this course is for you.  This course also includes mental preparation for examinations. 

A study carried out by Wark in 1996 showed how the grade point averages of 51 college students improved significantly after being taught self hypnosis to improve their learning skills (American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis).

Anne tailors her courses to suit the needs of the participants and the courses are streamed to cater for the following cohorts:

  • Leaving Certificate students
  • Junior Certificate students
  • Adult learners returning to Secondary school or Third Level education
  • First year students about to start the academic year at College or University
  • Employees facing learning challenges in the workplace

Anne has been lecturing at IT Tralee for the last 18 years and with a Masters in the Management of Education under her belt, has a lot of experience working with all kinds of learning environments from academia to industry. She is also a certified hypnotist with her own private practice located 5 miles out of Tralee town and is a member in good standing of the National Guild of Hypnotists, an American organisation which has over 10,000 members worldwide and which is dedicated to the promotion of excellence and standards in the training of hypnotherapists.  She reports that many adult learners who have spent years in the workplace return to Third Level education whether full time or part time with some trepidation and anxiety.  There are many worries, including concerns about being able to cope with the demands of their chosen course.  The mature student may have to juggle work and family commitments alongside attending their chosen course and then have to find the time to study and prepare for examinations.   It is well known that if you are feeling stressed out, especially from many of the reasons mentioned already, that you may not be able to make the most of your study session. It is important therefore with all these pressures in mind, that the mature student maximise the output from the time they put aside to study.
is the key armed with reprogramming your mind with positive suggestions connected with motivation, clearing your brain and so on. 

What you will learn on the course:

Each participant will be trained in the art of self hypnosis.  This involves the use of relaxation and guided imagery techniques and the use of self suggestions designed by you, the participant which you will use to positively ‘reprogramme’ your subconscious mind to improve your confidence, readiness and motivation for study.  The course is unique in that you will be taking way tools and techniques which can be used in other areas of your life.  You the participant are empowered!!  The course encourages you to analyse your own personal obstacles to learning and how to reframe these negatives.  You will also enjoy learning some Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques which can be applied to other aspects of your life.

Session duration

Sessions are generally 3.5 to 4 hours long with a break for light refreshments half way through.  All refreshments are provided. It promises to be a fun morning or evening and should prove to be rewarding with a lot of hands on exercises which will reinforce your confidence in using the techniques even when you are back at home.  Each workshop is restricted to a maximum of 10 persons. 


Obviously you are coming to this workshop because you have identified a weakness in your study habits.  This means that you are already motivated for change in this area!! Brilliant!  So bring along an open mind to a novel and unique experience where your brilliant and largely untapped unconscious mind will be brought to the forefront in helping you rise to the challenge.  If you can, listen to my FREE Relaxation Download each night for the week prior to coming to the workshop. Email me for a link to this.

For further details on when the next course is running please contact Anne M. Courtney at 087 967 1237 or email

This course is also available on one to one basis. Please enquire.


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