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Morning Meditation
Seminar Plan

The meditation seminar concentrates on cultivating mindfulness.  You will be taught the practice of quieting your mind by focusing on present moment awareness through bringing awareness to the body, the sensations of breathing and working with the mind when it wanders.
The seminar covers the practice of meditation and two guided meditations. 

may include the following:
  • Mindfulness - cultivating mindfulness through insight meditation (Vipissana meditation)  a simple yet powerful way of paying attention to your emotions and life experiences in a non judgemental way, allowing you to be more focused in the 'now' rather than focusing on the past or future events.
  • The objects of meditation - the breath, sound, body sensation, movement
  • Meditation and every day activities
Guided meditations may include the following:
  • The power of Now meditation
  • Body scan meditation including progressive relaxation
  • Reconnecting with your feelings
  • Hawaiian Hakalau
Light refreshments are provided.
Duration:  2 hours  Fee €30
Limited to 10 participants maximum, 4 participants minimum
Saturdays: 10am to 12noon by appointment

NEWS from Hypnosis Tralee

Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers
If you are familiar with the book written by  Dermot O Connor called 'the Healing Code' and would like me to facilitate you in the  application of the NLP /relaxation techniques he advocates in his book which helped him on his personal  path to health, give me a call.
I am trained  in these techniques  by the Irish Institute of NLP.
Please get your doctor's permission before availing of my services.

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