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Stress and Worry
We live in stressful times. There are more pressures in the worplace, working longer hours in many instances now for little additional reward. 'Austerity' is the order of the day.  The economic situation has given rise to worries about how the bills are going to be paid, the mortgage, college fees.  In addition there is the fear of job loss or going through job loss and worrying about the future.  Stress may lead to underperfor/learning /mance in many areas of life such as emotional wellbeing and health, relationships, leisure and work.
Depending on your stage of life, there may be stresses about upcoming events, like examinations/tests and that we will underperform and how this will affect the rest of your life.  With so many of us becoming life long learners, this issue does not only affect the young leaving cert student, but also the adult learners. Some people are stressed out about talking in public. Some people worry about their children, the future and so on.  Stress may cause difficulties in relationships and like the chicken and egg situation, relationship problems can be a contributor to stress.  Because the mind and body are so interconnected there may also be obvious physical symptoms such as tension in the jaw, neck and shoulders, even back pain, headaches and blood pressure. What about the hidden ones? Stress also affects your sleep patterns as you churn over the issues of the day over and over in your mind when you should be resting.  

Haven't you suffered enough under the burden of stress and worry, that  holds you back?
Is it time to find a new way?
Take action today!

Let me help you identify your stress triggers and show you new ways of relieving and dealing with everyday stresses and strains, the ups and the downs of life and so that you become a freer, 'lighterr' you. Learn to listen to that inner worried voice, release it and let it go and thus harness your energy in a better to enjoy life more.

 I advise at least three sessions here. For some of my clients it has taken less time. You will learn the valuable techniques of self-hypnosis and meditation to help you with those worrisome thoughts and also help you to access a relaxed state quickly.  Learning how to relax is an important skill.  It quietens the mind and the body and allows you to be more solution focused. 

I will also show you an energy tapping technique which I have found has benefited many of my clients in the past. 


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