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The Successful Non-Smoker
You are a non-smoker the minute you put down you stub out your last cigarette butt.  The only problem then is that  the craving for nicotine drives you on to take another puff and the habit continues. The research shows that Hypnosis has a 70 to 80% success rate for this issue and my client's success rate would also follow this pattern. Hypnosis is not a magic bullet. It is a state of deep relacation and  strong mental focus that helps you reprogram old attitudes and beliefs.  In hypnosis your subconscious mind is to the forefront and suggestions to your subconscious mind bypass the critical gatekeeper of the mind which keeps you stuck in old unhelpful patterns of behaviour.  


To increase the odds of success it is important to ascertain your level of motivation.  Before coming to me, think strongly on the reasons why you want to quit?  
  • Is it for you or someone else? It's better if it is something you badly want to do for yourself,  rather than someone else's wish that you stop smoking.
  • Do you have health and fitness reasons? Shortness of breath? Can't keep up anymore as you are not fit?  Do you have serious health problems- lung conditions, skin conditions, loss of smell/taste? Are you facing serious surgery? Are you diabetic? 
  • Is it for social reasons? You smell bad; your skin looks bad.    You are a social pariah because you smoke.  Believe it, smoking is on the decline.  You don't fit in as a smoker. You have to go outside to smoke. You are fed up about standing outside buildings in the rain?
  • Do you have a goal  such as running a 10km race, a marathon and the smoking habit means you are going to struggle with breathlessness, lack of fitness, not being able to keep up?
  • What excuses have you made in the past, if you have tried and failed to quit?
We will explore your level of motivation at your first session and see if it needs reinforcement.   
Also think about what triggers you to smoke?

For instance you always light up with a cup of coffee or tea or  first thing in the morning or last thing at night or always on the phone or  in the car, in situations when you are stressed; Maybe you have heard this before: 'I was doing well until there was a family bereavement,  before I knew it I had a fag in my hand', etc. 
There are many more triggers and these can often be the reason(s) why people go back to smoking.

The Programme

I will work with you to strengthen your resolve and motivation to become a successful- non smoker. By identifying your personal triggers and eliminating the excuses, I will develop a personalised hypnotic induction to suit your particular case, loaded with positive suggestions and imagery which will help you achieve your goals and which will help you cope in times of stress.  I will be speaking to your brilliant sub-conscious mind and getting it to support you in achieveing and maintaining your goal. 
In my new Successful Non-Smoker Programme, I advocate a minimum of  two sessions. (Some clients only needed one and never smoked again!)
At the first session I find out about you and your smoking history, habits, triggers, underlying stresses. I train you on self hypnosis and how to access a relaxed state without the use of nicotine.  I carry out the hypnotic induction based on your story.. This is recorded and posted onto you for reinforcement and you can play this back in your own time.  Successful clients report that they used it for between 5 days and 10 days, listening once a day and then only used it as a top up occassionally.  You will get CDs on relaxation and also my generic smoking programme before you leave which will tide you over before you receive your personalised CD in the post. 
The second session (held within three months of the first session or earlier if required by the client)  is to help with people who have stongly entrenched behaviours with regard to smoking or for people who need a bit more support. Deep rooted causes may also have to be explored.  I look at more specific hypnotic techniques in these scenarios.  Some of my successful non smokers have asked that the second session be used for some other issue like stress management or relaxation or public speaking and this is perfectly acceptable to me.  (It helps me keep an eye on my statistics.)
My approach is an all or nothing approach.  I do not advocate the use of nicotine patches or substitutes during this programme or cutting down gradually.

Please note that if you suffer from depression or any other mental condition I require a medical referral before working with you.  Please enquire about my medical referral form at  (You can cut and paste this email address into your email programme.) Otherwise I am sorry to say I  cannot work with you.


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