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Sleep ...... z...zz......zz....zz
  • Do you suffer from broken sleep, interupted sleep, insomnia....?
  • Do you wake up exhausted and frustrated and suffer from poor concentration throughout the day?
  • Are you tired and irritable with your nearest and dearest and with your colleagues?
  • Are you making mistakes at work?
  • Do you have lapses in concentration?
  • Are woken up by apprehensive thougts? 
  • Constantly go over every niggling thing that happens during your day and end up not sleeping?

First of all get all of this checked out with your doctor to make sure there is no underlying condition.  If you suffer from a sleep disorder, please ask your doctor for a medical referral. Otherwise I cannot work with you.

If there is no underlying medical condition then consider hypnosis to help you calm the mind and rest the body.  I will also help you with sleep' hygiene', the practical issues related to having a good night's sleep which include not doing activities which stimulate the mind to soon before bed time, etc.
You will also be given a CD with guided relaxation tracks which will ease you into the REM state.

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