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Become Your own Hypnotist

If you are fascinated by the idea of hypnosis, but at the same time frightened by it - if you don't dare trust a hypnotist for fear of losing conscious control and being manipulated against your will - learn to Do-It- Yourself!.
Would you love to be able to accept suggestions for personal achievement, but you just can't believe them?
Or do you have deep inner blocks which thwart any attempts to self development? With this simple but powerful tool, you can over-ride mental resistance and access deeper levels of mind, to eliminate blocks and anxieties and instantly reduce stress, as well as motivate and energise yourself for positive change.

is the key armed with reprogramming your mind with positive suggestions connected with motivation, clearing your brain and so on. 

What you will learn:
Each participant will be trained in the art of self hypnosis.  This involves the use of relaxation and guided imagery techniques and the use of self suggestions designed by you, the participant which you will use to positively ‘reprogramme’ your subconscious mind to improve your confidence, readiness and motivation. The course is unique in that you will be taking way tools and techniques which can be used in many areas of your life.  You the participant are empowered!!  The course encourages you to analyse your own personal obstacles to learning and how to reframe these negatives.  You will also enjoy learning some Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques which can be applied to other aspects of your life.


Stress management Eliminate:
Emotional balance Insomnia
Stronger immune system Negative habits (cravings, cigarettes)
Instant re-energising Anxiety and fear
Self-motivation and efficiency Blocks and resistance

Course Content

What is hypnosis?
- Definition and description
- A natural state
- Levels and depths of hypnosis
- Applications of self-hypnosis

Step no 1
- How to give yourself a suggestion
- Establishing a routine
- Encouragement and reinforcement

Who has the control?
-  Misconceptions
- Stage Hypnosis
- Sleep
- Free Will
- Dependence on the hypnotist

Step no 2
- Technique to go into self-hypnosis
- How to maintain a deep level
- How to come out at the right moment
- Demonstration and practice

Who can be hypnotised?
- Willingness, imagination, trust
- Suggestibility and suggestibility tests

Step no 3
- Avoiding stray thoughts
- Maintaining the state
- Demonstration and practice

Formulating Suggestions
Content and form for best results

Creating your own script
- Behaviour evaluation
- Setting goals
- Motivation for success


This workshop takes place over two Saturday mornings for three hours each morning and is open to all members of the public.  This course is restricted to a  maximum of 10 persons.  Therefore it is essential that you book your  place in advance.  Places  are secured on receipt of a booking deposit. Light refreshments are provided. 


€150 euro with €100 deposit to be paid in advance to Anne M. Courtney.
Please note that in the event of cancellation €50 is non-refundable.

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NEWS from Hypnosis Tralee

Multiple Sclerosis Sufferers
If you are familiar with the book written by  Dermot O Connor called 'the Healing Code' and would like me to facilitate you in the  application of the NLP /relaxation techniques he advocates in his book which helped him on his personal  path to health, give me a call.
I am trained  in these techniques  by the Irish Institute of NLP.
Please get your doctor's permission before availing of my services.

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