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Public Speaking

I have helped many people conquer their apprehensions about public speaking. Do you want help with the following:

  • You are the best man or woman at your friends’ wedding and must make a wedding speech in front of a crowd of people, some you know and some you don’t. 
  • You have a business presentation to make at work and it’s important that it goes well as it could mean the company gets a new order or your department gets extra funds. You are under pressure and feel that your nerves are going to get the better of you.  You want to come across as in control and it doesn’t seem possible now.
  • You actually make a lot of presentations during the course of your work but you are so nervous for days leading up to them that you are impossible to live with, or the quality of the rest of your life suffers. You are worried about developing a full blown panic attack.
  • You are a stage performer and somehow you have developed stage fright and now you find yourself too scared to go on stage.  You can’t hide behind props anymore and your career may be over if you don’t get help.
  • You would like to be able to do a prayer of the faithful or a reading at mass or deliver a eulogy for a loved one.  Even though you know you can read the prayer word for word, you are in dread of standing up in front of people.  You worry about your voice shaking and you think that you might make a fool of yourself. 

I have helped many people overcome scenarios like these and go on to be confident, determined and focused speakers who actually went on to seek out more opportunities to talk in public!  I advise at least three sessions here. For some of my clients it has taken less time. You will learn the valuable technique of self-hypnosis and also how to stop those anxious thoughts and also how to access a relaxed state quickly.  I will also show you an energy tapping technique which I have found has benefited many of my clients in the past. 


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