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Fears and Apprehensions
For centuries hypnotists have been helping people deal with all kinds of fears:
  • Fear of spiders/snakes/rats
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of  open spaces/closed spaces/leaving the house
  • Fear of being trapped
  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of public speaking (see page)
In my career I have helped people with these and many more including
  • Fear of failure and also fear of success
  • Fear of driving
  • Apprehension in crowded situations
  • Fear of driving over bridges
  • Examination Anxiety
  • Fear of dogs/cats/cows
  • Fear of gagging on food and drink
  • Fear of horse riding (I am a skilled equestrian with my own stables so have practical knowlege of this area too!)
  • Apprehensions surrounding relationships
I will guide you through a variety of techniques which will help you to deal more effectively in situations where the stressor (rat/ spider/heights/ enclosed spaces,etc) occurs.  You will learn self hypnosis, ego strengthening or confidence building to suit the particular situation, thought stopping techniques, desensitisation techniques, EFT etc.

Please note that if you suffer from depression or any other mental condition  I require a medical referral before working with you.  Please enquire about my medical referral form at  (You can cut and paste this email address into your email.) Otherwise I am sorry to say I  cannot work with you.


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