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Driving/Driving test anxiety
Using hypnosis, EFT and NLP techniques I have helped people conquer the following apprehensions related to driving:

  • Fear of driving (due to driving accidents recent or when they were children).
  • Fear of driving under bridges and tunnels which makes route planning a nightmare or fear of driving past particular landmarks
  • Driving test anxiety
  • Panic attacks whilst driving

Fear and Apprehensions related to Driving

This work may take a number of sessions to break through deep seated patterns of behaviour, but each session brings you closer to your goal.   It's important to address the causation of  your particular problem and how it affects you. Hypnosis speaks to your subconscious mind, giving you powerful suggestions which allow you to go through with changes you have decided to make in your life. You will be taught self hypnosis too to help you sustain your success.
Once you learn this, you have it for the rest of your life and it can help you achieve your goals in other areas too.
Ultimately the goal is to get you to a stage where you enjoy driving anywhere, anytime (safely!) and you don't even think about it as an issue anymore.

The Driving Test

Passing the driving test is so important these days.  You might need a full licence for work or driving to school on your own.  The full licence helps to reduce your insurance costs.  
Whether you are doing the test for the first time or you are repeating it, consider hypnosis to help you conquer anxiety related to the driving test.  Hypnosis helps to boost your confidence and  determination.

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