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Enhancing Creativity

I am highly trained in Edward de Bono’s creative thinking techniques including Direct Attention Thinking Tools, PMI, Six Thinking Hats etc. as well as a variety of other interesting techniques such as Brainstorming, mind mapping, TRIZ, SCAMPER, etc.  I even did a Masters in Technology in this area back when Adam was a boy.  

Hypnosis is a fantastic way of accessing the sub-conscious mind which is the power house behind your creativity.  In fact  you have all the internal resources you need to become even more creative.  

Let me help you unlock your creative mind and unleash your right brain thinking using hypnosis and let's get you working on  goals for  home or  the workplace which will show you how creative you are becoming.  

So far I have helped people

  • learn new skills for creative problem solving  in the workplace and home
  • to enhance their creative writing skills
  • to make breakthroughs on art projects.

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